Bathurst Harness Racing Club Premiership Tables

Trainer of the Year

Trainer1st Places2nd Places3rd Places
Steve Turnbull796746
Bernie Hewitt374954
Amanda Turnbull241915
Chris Frisby17129
Nathan Turnbull141613

Driver of the Year

Driver1st Places2nd Places3rd Places
Amanda Turnbull614634
Mat Rue393033
Bernie Hewitt293333
Mitch Turnbull281713
Steve Turnbull222517

Junior Driver of the Year

Junior Driver1st Places2nd Places3rd Places
Mitch Turnbull281713
Chris Geary856
Doug Hewitt51617
McKayler Barnes542

Horse of the Year

Horse1st Places2nd Places3rd Places
Mister Haywood623
Casino Tommy620
Swaggie Shannon544
Karloo ThreeOThree522

Juvenile Horse of the Year

Juvenile Horse1st Places2nd Places3rd Places
Karloo ThreeOThree522
In The Paper511
Hidden Courage451
Joes Star of Mia421
Atomic Red400

Sire of the Year

Art Major26
Courage Under Fire18